Michael J. Connolly.com features over 500 copyrighted images of the US, Great Britain, and Ireland offered exclusively on this website as Rights Managed downloadable stock photos for editorial use in magazines, books, web sites, and advertising.
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Stock Images


 A note!

Stock photos are available as Rights Managed, licensed, images. There are hundreds and hundreds of images to choose from. Pittsburgh PA, Washington DC, the Atlantic Coast of Hilton Head, the Desert Southwest, Great Britain, Ireland and much, much more are represented here.

In an attempt to economize time and expenses I've incorporated a pricing structure that includes a sampling of common usages. However, not every usage or circumstance can be represented. If you see a photo and the pricing solutions don't meet your requirements, or aren't listed, contact me with the particulars so I can develop an appropriate solution.

Include the image name or title, your project budget, usage and press run, size of the file you need, and other particulars that may be pertinent. I'll come up with a solid proposal for you as soon as possible. You can get in touch through the Contact Page.  

Thanks so much!


Eclipse Sequence 1270
Wrench And Egg

                                             Wrench & Egg

The galleries linked to in the Decor and Stock Photo pages overlap somewhat. However the Stock galleries are more defined than Decor, and offer many images that would only interest stock photo buyers.  (An example is the "Helicopters  at Phantom Ranch" gallery, which is linked on this page, but would have very little interest to someone seeking a wall decor print.) 

Using the Search feature on the right edge of this page will render results for specific subjects i.e. a search for "Bridges" will point to results of bridges throughout the site, but nothing else. The links below take take you to galleries with photos pertinent to that gallery. For example, clicking on the Pittsburgh link will open a gallery with photos of many different subjects and aspects of the city of Pittsburgh.